Green Info

Green San Diego Homes: better for you, your family, your wallet (and the planet will thank you too)…

Ever wondered what makes a home Green?

Over 45% of Americans said that the single most important factor to determining a home’s "Greenness" was its degree of energy efficiency. Also, environmentally friendly (and healthy) materials, and renewable energy sources determine a home’s greenness. Use of non-toxic materials is very important in green homes. Conservation and reuse of resources, such as water, plays a large role in creating a green, environmentally friendly home. All of these items factor in to a home's greenness, and this is where Green San Diego Homes excels!

For many years Green San Diego Homes has been buying, "GreenHabbing", and selling homes. We work with sellers, and purchase many homes directly from owners, banks, and other neglected properties. We also act as a full-service real estate company to assist sellers when they are selling Green Homes (who better to represent you in the sale of your home than a company that markets to the Green Buyer). We also consult on remodeling projects, and help home buyers find the ideal Green Home in the area that they are looking. We have become a resource for real estate sales involving Green Properties throughout California, and have added value to communities and created better living environments for families.

Got questions about "Green" - ask us, as we pride ourselves on helping homeowners increase property values while decreasing their impact on the planet!


Keep Your Cool

A fully insulated roof and walls, wide overhangs, and front & back decks provide natural cooling under the California summer sun.

Natural Airflow & Light

Cross ventilation to living areas and raked ceilings mean your Green San Diego Home remains fresh and light. No need for air-conditioners.

Recyclable Materials

All Green San Diego Homes use recyclable materials where possible and materials that are environmentally friendly.

Save What’s Precious

Water conservation is of paramount importance. Rainwater storage, grey water management and low-flow devices ensure less environmental impact.